How To Be A Pro Thumper! (PoppaZoppa)

Want higher scores in PoppaZoppa? Here's a short tutorial on the method I use to score maximun points in the game.
    The 4 objects to aim for: (listed in priority)
  1. Try to complete the longest chain possible. (every time a chain link is added 10 is added to the value of the square)
  2. Try to jump on the pieces next to the square your ZoppaPoppa is on.
  3. Try to "save" the 2x & 3x until you absolutely need them
  4. Use the reactor to keep the chain going!

Figuring out the best move:

The NOW square (outlined in red in the picture below) contains the piece you must jump on next. The NEXT square (outlined in Yellow) contains the piece you'll have to jump on after you jump the now piece. Therefore it's best to scan the squares that have the now button piece with an adjacent square containing the matching NEXT piece.

Looking at the picture below, which green pyramid would you jump on first?

All the green squares have a brown buildings next to them therefore jumping on any of them would keep objective #1's goal. Squares 4,6, & 7 contain a chain therefore we shouldn't jump on them as object #2 is to save those if possible. So, if you answered squares #1,2,3 or 5 you are correct.